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Summer Installations

It has been a busy summer here at NYC Fireplaces. We’ve wrapped up several fireplace and outdoor kitchen designs that prove to be as functional as they are beautiful. Take a look at the photos below for some design inspiration:        

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Recent Installations

We love working with talented craftsman and contractors to help make a client’s dream design a reality. Does this look like it belongs in a magazine or what? Really fabulous job with our fireplaces as the focal point.

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NYC Fireplaces: Storm Preparations

Don’t get left out in the cold!   We are all bracing ourselves for the big storm to hit the Northeast this evening – Are you prepared? If you don’t know how to operate your fireplace beyond the “on/off” remote , now is a good time to learn. Pick up your manual and start reading! There are several things you can […]

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Design Inspiration

Have you seen our Houzz page yet? Take a look or visit the showroom for some design inspiration. Once the installation is completed, fireplaces can be finished to fit any room’s theme. Here are a few things to remember when choosing materials: – Love the way a television looks above a fireplace? Some advertisements don’t include it, but we always […]

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Different Fireplaces Use Different Venting

There are a large variety of gas fireplaces on the market, ranging in size, price, and functionality. Another way in which fireplaces differ is how they are vented. Not all fireplaces use the same ventilation material! Each fireplace is fabricated, tested and approved using the material listed in the unit installation manual. Use of unauthorized material can void your warranty […]

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Spring Sale: Luxury Fireplaces and Grills

Fireplaces and top-quality grills almost never go on sale, reason being they are luxury items.  Gas Fireplaces can add ambiance, comfort and supplemental heat to drafty rooms and extensions. Stainless steel grills will outlast the standard barbecue you can purchase at your local Home Depot or Lowes and are backed by manufacturer warranties. Right now we are have a seasonal sale on […]

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The Hidden Dangers of a Vent Free Gas Fireplace

One of the questions we hear often is, “I can’t vent, can you show us your vent less fireplaces?” Sure we can. We show our client electric and bioethanol options. These units appeal to many of our clients because of  their versatility and little maintenance. Then there are clients who know what they are looking for – ventless gas fireplaces. We can NOT show […]

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Napoleon Dream for Sale! & New Video Page

Our Napoleon Dream BGD90 is for sale! It is fully optioned including wrought iron decorative square frame with arched rail inset,  country crane and hearth pot, thermostatic remote and night lighting. See image below: RETAIL: $9,300.00 SALE PRICE: $5,400.00 We’ve also added a video page to our website, here you can see a number of Napoleon and Town & Country units burning at the […]

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Fireplace Installation

Every fireplace installation is different, but  the most basic installation is done on an exterior, blank wall. There are several steps involved including framing, sheetrocking, building a platform, and of course venting, assembling and installing the unit. Some clients choose to have their contractor complete the framing and finishing work, but it is important to have a certified installer install […]

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More on Wood Burning Stoves & Fireplaces

If you’re thinking of installing a wood burning fireplace or already have one in your home, here are some helpful pointers on what wood will give you the most heat: Most people know that if properly dried, hardwoods provide more heat because they are denser. Hardwoods that contain the highest energy content include Osage orange, hickory, locust, oak, ash, and […]

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