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NYC Fireplaces: Storm Preparations


Don’t get left out in the cold!


NYC Fireplaces: Storm Preparations

We are all bracing ourselves for the big storm to hit the Northeast this evening – Are you prepared?

If you don’t know how to operate¬†your fireplace beyond the “on/off” remote , now is a good time to learn. Pick up your manual and start reading! There are several things you can do without having to call a technician.

- Check underneath your access panel or inside your wood burning fireplace. Can you see a model and serial number? Write these down in a safe place (preferably on your appliance’s manual cover) for future reference.

- Does your fireplace have a battery back up? Don’t know? LEARN! On many units there is a battery box accessible from the access panel underneath your fireplace. Your fireplace may resort to this mode automatically if power fails. In some cases, you’ll have to switch your appliance from electronic ignition to battery back up by flipping a switch. Familiarize yourself with this operation and buy the appropriate sized batteries! Features like accent lights or fans won’t work, but you will be able to use the fireplace’s radiant heat for warmth.

- If you are a homeowner who never uses their fireplace, it is a good idea to turn the fireplace on at least once a week for a half hour or so. This way blockages in the valves, like spiders won’t prevent you from using your fireplace.

All of our showroom fireplaces have battery back up, stop by and take a look for yourself!

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