Gas, Electric and Wood Fireplaces — August 10, 2012 at 8:28 pm

NYC Fireplaces: Caters to the Elite


Our crew installing a fireplace on the set of HGTV’s Mom Caves!

With the fireplace season quickly approaching we found ourselves asking:

“What’s in store for us this season?

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of New York’s most talented and conceptual architects, designers and contractors in the trade. Our residential clients take comfort in our installation and administrative teams – we use visual images whenever possible to clearly illustrate each step along the way to an installed fireplace.

Here’s what trend-setting New Yorker’s want in a fireplace:


Town & Country’s TCWS54 will add style to any room. Finish it with a stone or tile accent wall for a contemporary look.


Napoleon’s LHD50 See Thru Limited Edition Swarovski Crystal Fireplace is the definition of exclusivity. Why wear crystals when you can add them to your home decor?


Town & Country’s TC54 is the largest fireplace on the market and guaranteed to WOW. How’s that for impact?


Fireplace Xtrodinair’s 864TRV GS allows for total control of the fireplace’s heat output, making it not only super efficient, but attractive as well.

Our services are only a phone call away. Don’t wait until December to heat AND decorate your home.

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