Featured, Gas, Electric and Wood Fireplaces — July 17, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Town & Country: Flush Mount Power Vent


All direct vent fireplaces need to vent outside of your home, either vertically through a roof or horizontally. Most of our clients do not mind mounting the standard vent outside of their home because it looks similar to a dryer vent. However, not all horizontal terminations are the same. If your installation has a long vent run your unit will require a bulky, unsightly power vent.

Town & Country is the ONLY fireplace manufacturer to offer a Flush Mount Power Vent System. This vent is installed flush with the side of your home and can be painted to match its facade. See below.

Using a T&C Flush Mount Power Vent System will avoid unsightly vents outside of your home.

Stop by our showroom to check out the TC54, TCWS54, TC42 and TC30 burn!

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