Outdoor Kitchens — May 10, 2012 at 4:44 pm

Outdoor Kitchens: Wood Fired Outdoor Ovens


Whether you are starting from scratch or adding to an existing outdoor kitchen, a wood fired outdoor oven will add another dimension to your cooking.

You can roast delicious lamb and turkey dinners, bake loaves of bread, indulge with delicious seasonal pies and of course, master the art of brick oven pizza. Tuscan Chef ovens are designed in several sizes and can be built into an outdoor kitchen island. These same models are also available on a cart.

The ovens work using a two chamber system. The bottom chamber is filled with select hardwoods and flavored wood chips to give your food a delicious smokey flavor. Dishes are placed on the top-tier firebrick, where smoke passes freely through two vents on either side.

Stop by during the week or on a Saturday to see this product for yourself!

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  1. have you seen Forno de Pizza?

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