Gas, Electric and Wood Fireplaces — February 29, 2012 at 5:13 pm

New Product: Westgate Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces


Westgate in Our Showroom

Westgate Luxury Fireplaces are a new line of products by the Sherwood Industries Ltd. There are two sizes: DV48 and DV62. Both use standard piping, allowing for a wider variety of installation options.

They are both clean face units and come with a wide variety of options:

– 3 Burner Styles : Log – Glass – Stone

– 8 Firebox Liners : Black Porcelain – Red, Brown & October Brick – Sand & Red Herringbone – Sandstone & Ledgestone

– 9 Door Options

– Smart Thermostat Remote allows you to thermostatically modulate the flames, turn off the back burner and operate the interior lighting

– Can be used with automatic ignition or pilot

– Optional Power Vent/Propane Conversion

Westgate with a Traditional Setup

Transitional Westgate


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