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Wood Burning Fireplaces Bad for Health?

Wood Burning Fireplaces may not be safe for you and your family

In a recent article in the New York Times, Christina S. N. Lewis investigates the potential health problems associated with wood burning fireplaces. Sure, the crackling of the logs and the smell of the wood will add to the ambiance of the season, but at what costs?

According to the article, wood burning fireplaces release tiny particles and harmful gases that could negatively impact your health. Some of the same ingredients found in cigarettes can also be found in the environment after burning wood logs.

There is also debate over how “green” wood burning fireplaces really are. One couple makes the argument that by using old, rotted wood on their property they are reducing the amount of oil used to ship wood logs to their house. However, others are more concerned with the toxins released into the air while burning wood logs.

To read the rest of the article click here.

Whether or not you agree with the hazards of wood burning, it is most definitely easier to maintain a gas fireplace in New York City. Check out our website for some of the units we sell and install.

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