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Vented vs. Vent Free Log Sets


Gas log sets are a great way to add ambiance to any room. They can be installed by having a plumber run a gas line to your existing fireplace. There are two options when choosing a log set, vented or vent free. What’s the difference?

Vented Gas Log Sets:

RealFyre Classic Series - Coastal Driftwood

These log sets are installed in an existing fireplace. The unit is vented through the chimney, resulting in heat loss. Clients who are interested in the “look” rather than an alternative heat source usually go with this option.

Vent Free Log Sets:

RealFyre Glass Burner Options

The flame will be lower, due to the lack of oxygen hitting the flame. Like the name implies, these log sets are not vented and require further attention. If you are planning to use your vent free log set for a long period of time you must open a window to let oxygen into the room. If you live in the 5 boroughs this is not an option.

*NOTE: Both options pictured above are available vented and vent free.

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